Principal message

Pr. Abraham George

Dear ones in Christ,
Warm greetings!

Bible is the Word of God; it stands firm in heaven forever. It contains promises, prophecies, doctrines, commands… It prepares us for eternal life in heaven.

It is our responsibility that we must understand the purpose of God about our life by hearing the voice of God through the reading, meditation and study of the Bible.

A systematic study of the Bible will help us for our spiritual growth and for the expansion of our ministry.

Elijah and Elisha lead prophetic Schools. Jesus selected twelve disciples and trained them as apostles.

For most of the people, it is not practical to attend a bible school for a regular study. Grace Theological College affiliated to IATA is giving a great opportunity to study the Bible systematically from where you are.

May God help you to use this golden opportunity to study the Word of God for spiritual enrichment & empowerment of ministry .

Yours in Christ Jesus,