President’s Message

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Grace Theological College on behalf of our entire community. Since 2016 we have offered a biblical program through postal and online platforms, carrying on a long tradition of theological education.
Grace Theological College was founded in 2016 through the vision of Rev.Renny Edapparambil. Theological education at Grace is not merely a matter of taking a series of diverse courses. Rather, students are encouraged to develop their own personal theological synthesis. Courses at Grace emphasize academic excellence that integrates human and spiritual formation as well as application to the broader social and ecclesial realities where appropriate.
This integrative approach is especially important in our programs that serve as preparation for professional ministry. We recognize that all of our service to the Church and community overflows from our spiritual life. Accordingly, academic study should deepen our prayer, which in turn should show its fruit in a renewed and vigorous service to others. All of this is necessary if we are to be actively and meaningfully engaged in the New Evangelization that the Church is calling us to in our time.
“All without exception are called to perfection, which is the same as that of the Father who is in heaven.” Answering this call presupposes a deep spiritual life rooted in knowledge of God and what he has said to us through Sacred Scripture, the life of Christ, and the Church. Study of our faith can be an important aid to this responsibility that all Christians have, namely to know, love and serve God.
I would invite you to explore what we have to offer, whether that is by looking through our website, contacting us through email/phone, or signing up for a course that strikes your interest. As we look to ways to serve God more deeply and carry out the New Evangelization, let us entrust our life and dedication to God to reach out many for the kingdom of God.
Pr .Renny Edapparambil
Founder & President